History 390

Self Search

Elana Monique Saravia, is the full name given to me by my parents. Considering that I do not use social media except Snapchat and that is private, Googling my name only shows a few results. Google first assumes that my name is a spelling error, yet the third result down is my address. Searching for Elana Saravia in VA – Instant Checkmate Being curios I clicked on the website and viewed the results. Initially it only gave the town that I lived in, and my age. Further investigation and a long wait time did not give any real results. Considering that I don’t have anything to hide that’s fine with me.

With my full name their are no images that pop up from the search. Images of random people show up, I have never seen or heard of them before. Searching my name of Elana Saravia, gives better results due to me never using my middle name. The new search instantly brings up my old Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. These are old account that I barely used and have old information. While an old email account pops up it is currently being used for all junk mail.

The image search doesn’t show my face but, past public papers I’ve done. The papers are from High School and strictly academic and have no personal information. Their was one link that showed someone that wrote a cook book with the same name, while I would like to take credit that person obviously knows more than I do in that area. Seeing all the search results is fine with me, they don’t allow the public to truly know anything personal about me. I was honestly more surprised that their aren’t people with my same name as me. while their are many people with my last name my name has only my results.

My address is part of the public records and the only way to truly get that information is to know my middle name or relatives. Considering that I personally am a private person and only keep a select few close my digital presence is perfect from my search results. My website will most certainly help to create my existing digital presence. While I use the internet everyday, my social media presence is practically non existent. Even posting this is hard for me to do, I was taught that having too much information out to the public can be a bad reflection.

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