History 390

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The sources that were looked at in class were different from the usual sources that I use. In my other classes peer reviewed papers and studies of other papers is what we usually use. Data can be found throughout each source. In history we focus on the date of events typically. Peoples names and locations are also important in recording data. Considering that they are primary sources, collecting data is done by recording their name, those they associate with and the location of the events. Data gathering is important for later use and can allow the researcher to better understand the happenings. Data can be: Name, Age, Year, Location, Associates, and Details. Primary sources can be represented by data as diaries, journal, manuscripts and other works such as these. These firs t accounts cna be helpful.

One advantage of using primary sources as data is the information is that person’s personal account. The primary source gives raw information. primary data is usually authentic so it is a better source. Considering that primary sources can give personal accounts of events the information gathered from these sources can either discredit the happenings of an event or prove it. For a diary entry the dat that can be collected is first person, and while it may be opinionated the information is unique. By considering primary sources as date keeping track of the information can be easier. By having organized data recalling sources or dates, or even people can be done. Having the information in a data table can make finding a specific date easier and saves the person time. The data table is completely personified by the one that creates it so it fits all their needs. The more columns on the data table the more information can be stored. By having specific information recorded the bigger the data table will be.

One disadvantage of using primary dat is that it can be time consuming and requires the person to know how to create data tables. While most people can create data tables the time that creating the table requires is long and tiring. One of the worst things about creating a data table is if you mess up the time and effort to correct the mistake is horrible.

Wickham’s principles of tidy data is, each variable must have its own column, each observation must have its own row, each value must have its own cell.

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