History 390


During this semester I have learned many new things. The tools that this class has taught me have been very helpful. This semester the hardest thing we had to do was decipher the cursive handwriting of people in the past. Besides not learning cursive handwriting after the third grade trying to read some of the documents was a really hard assignment that we needed to do. This semester in this class has allowed me to better understand how history is documented. I’ve never had a personal web site before either and this was a weird and new experience. Looking at the old documents for class was interesting and seeing the death certificates was morbid. I never thought that I would write a blog in my life but this class has proven me wrong. Learning the history of George Mason was interesting and not something that I had ever really thought about. Learning who Geroge Mason was as a person was something that was important and not something that was ever discussed in a class. Creating the timeline was difficult and a learning experience. Hearing my fellow classmates in discussions was a nice time and interesting. Personally, from this class I have learned how to better store my computer data and to keep it more organized for future use. Before the lesson from class my computer looked like a mess with all my files is disarray. Going through all my files and documents took time but the results have greatly benefited me today. Not only is finding the right document easier now I have not lost a single thing since the organization. Learning the local history has always been an interest of mine and in this class, I learned new information that was awesome. The information that was learned from this class will help me not only in my field but also my everyday life especially with the organization. Learning the fundamentals of information technology by applying it to history has been the main focus of this class. Learning how to better find historical research online will benefit me in the future for other classes that I will take. Gathering data and creating data sets was something I was familure with but not for historical purposes. Learning the roles of historians was a real insight to a possible interest of mine and or future career. Conversing with my peers allowed myself to better understand the works that we analyzed for homework.

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