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The three principles of tidy data are, variables are in columns, observations are in rows, and values are in cells. This organization method is useful and should be taught in middle school for all to know. When you enter the data onto a spread sheet the data must be clear and informative. Using a Microsoft Excel spread sheet is typically what people use to do this. Following these principles better displays any information for future use. If needed additional editing can be done in order to better record the information. The organization of the data allows comparisons to be easily made.

Personally when doing a research project, I will Google the topic if its an unfamiliar one. Reading a Wikipedia article is a great quick read to gather a basic understanding. The Wikipedia article is never used as a source, just a general jumping off point to further the research. Depending on how in depth my research needs to be, I use Google Scholar to find general sources. Google Scholar usually will lead you to articles and journals which can be used to see their sources, and other sources that can be used. Checking the quality of the information is key, as well as the creditability of the authors or publishers. To keep the sources organized a list is kept and the works are downloaded. When needed using library or university data bases is another way to research. Keeping notes and ideas on each piece of research help later when you need to write.

Using tidy data and an organized research method together will certainly benefit the work. Tidy data can have all the important information in one place, while the organized research is more in depth. Having your research organized is vital, implementing tidy data will make looking up information time efficient. The work load can be eased when the information is organized and easy to access. Honestly any organization is better than none at all. Keeping a file with all of your work on a drive and the computer is also important, incase of an accident or malfunction. Organization is not something that comes naturally to me but getting used to organizing my files has become a habit. Tidy data is great for quick information, its not too in depth but it makes referencing easier in the long run for the future. Both organization methods can be implemented for optimal results.

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